COVID-19 Compliance Update: As we continue to adhere to the rules & regulations set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Center for Disease Control, we are happy to announce that we have resumed our classes indoors! Please note that all students, visitors, and employees of Bob Lynn’s Kenpo Karate must comply with these regulations, to include temperature checks upon arrival to the dojo, hand sanitization/hand washing, and the wearing of an appropriately fitting mask. Additionally, we are also conducting our classes with 6ft. spacing between each student, and we are teaching without contact at this time. As the restrictions by the Commonwealth are constantly changing, we will continue to make adjustments accordingly to eventually getting back to regular contact. We kindly ask that if you exhibit any symptoms related to Covid-19, including (but not limited to) fever & cough, that you contact Grandmaster Lynn before heading to the dojo. We appreciate your help in trying to help combat this virus during this unprecedented time, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

-Grandmaster Lynn


Welcome to Bob Lynn’s Kenpo Karate.  The information provided within this website is to assist the student, friend or curious passerby in developing the necessary tools to empower themselves by using the Martial Arts, specifically Kenpo as a vehicle to do so.  The benefits of Martial Arts training are countless and include, but are not limited to: stress relief, improved concentration, building self-esteem, empowerment and self-confidence.  Additionally, it provides discipline and focus, social building, flexibility and overall improved physical fitness.

Featured Pictures

GM Peter Coyle from Ireland. GGM Ed Parker lineage.
Professor Aiau Koa from Hawaii. Sijo Adriano Emperado’s family lineage.
GM Jefferson Davis from Missouri. GM Roger Greene, GM Al Tracy lineage and Joe Lewis fighting system.

FROM L to R:
GM Stuart Gavin from Inervess Scotland, GM Bobby Lynn from Massachusetts, GM Henry Childers from Houston, TX , and GM Joe “Kenpo Joe” Rebelo from New Bedford MA

Pictured from left to right: Professor Nick Cerio, Grandmaster Bobby Lynn, Hanshi Bruce Juchnik

Pictured above during the early 80’s, Professor Cerio tested Grandmaster Lynn for his 5th degree, and Hanshi Juchnik verified his 5th Internationally with verification from Professor Paul Yamaguchi, who was one of James Mitoses original Kenpo blackbelts.

Circa early 1980’s. Pictured with Grandmaster Lynn’s two most influential instructors, Master Fred Bagley, who was my very first Kenpo instructor. Also pictured, Professor Rocky DiRico, the man who molded me into the person I am today.

It was truly a momentous day in October of 2019, after nearly 40 years, Grandmaster Lynn reunited with his very first Kenpo instructor, Grandmaster Fred Bagley.

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