In Memorium

Ron Gately has been a friend, a Kenpo mentor, a Defensive Tactics partner, a co-worker and someone who I have known for years. We originally knew each other through our Kenpo connections and later we worked together as Police Officers and also as Defensive Tactics Instructors in various Police Academies.  When speaking to Ron and him telling me about his sickness, I felt like someone kicked me in the gut. When I was up visiting Ron in the hospital, we chatted and told Ron that he was being promoted to the rank of 9th degree black belt and the title of Grandmaster in Bob Lynn’s Kenpo Karate. This was dated that last time we would spend time together: November 20, 2018. This certification was verified by Soke Paul Cervizzi. 

Throughout the New England Kenpo connections and Police agencies throughout Massachusetts, Ron was greatly respected and will be sorely missed. His greatness in the Kenpo legacy will be forever enshrined here with me. OSU

“Time and space may separate us, but not the thoughts and memories that bind us.”

GGM Edumund Kealoha Parker, Zen of Kenpo