Patch Origin

This patch was created by me, with a lot of thought, honor and respect for each of my instructors, past and present.  The initial thoughts and design of the patch is based from Professor Nick Cerio’s patch out of respect for the legendary Kenpo pioneer. The Gold, Red & Black colors also represent my origins and training under Master Fred Bagley,  who was my very first Kenpo Instructor, and then later with Bob Pearlswig, as the United Studios of Self Defense patch was based from this.  Please note the different spellings of Kenpo.  This is to show my teachings from the Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian and American perspectives.  The Kenpo/Kempo history is the same, and its translation is also similar.  Please refer to the Kenpo/Kempo history link found on the links page for some clarification in the matter.  The Kanji is paralleled from GGM Ed Parker’s IKKA patch. The Chinese script on the left means “Spirit of the Dragon and the Tiger”, and the script on the right means “Kenpo Karate”.  The infinity sign is for Ed Parker, who used this diagram frequently, especially in his “Infinite Insights into Kenpo” books.  The octagonal shape/ Yin- yang is for Hanshi Bruce Juchnik and for Professor Larry Garron.  Professor Garron’s patch has the yin-yang directly in the middle, as I do.  The dragon represents the internal arts, and represents my training with Dr. Zibin Guo, who taught me Yang style T’ai Chi and Shaolin Long Fist.  The dragon’s colors (blue-green-yellow & red) represent the 4 elements “Earth, Wind, Fire and Water”.  The dragon is also holding a red, white & blue pearl for significance of keeping America close to our hearts, especially in today’s tumultuous and uncertain times, specifically referring to 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombings.  Additionally, it represents my long history with Professor Rocky DiRico.  Professor DiRico’s patch is red, white & blue and round in design.  If it wasn’t for Professor DiRico, I would never had met Professor Cerio, Professor Garron and other martial art legends that have molded and shaped my martial art and Kenpo career.  For this, I am forever humbled and thankful.

Grandmaster Bobby Lynn