Thank you to the greater Burlington community for awarding Bob Lynn’s Kenpo Karate (formally known as Bob Lynn’s Kardio-Kenpo) the 2021 Best of Burlington Award in the Martial Arts category! We are truly humbled and honored to be given this award, and we look forward to continue our teachings of kenpo karate!

Bob Lynn’s Kenpo Karate would like to welcome two new students, Kerrie and JP! We look forward to working with you!

On January 31, 2021, at CMAA / Hombu Dojo / North Reading, my BLKK students were tested and subsequently promoted to: YELLOW BELT:  Craig, Sarah and Theo PURPLE BELT:  Bryan GREEN BELT:  Jameson, Sare and Rachel. Conducting the test was: Soke Cervizzi, Grandmaster Lynn, Renshi Taranto, and special guest, Shihan Colleen Lemay.

Our BLKK Field trip to Soke Paul Cervizzi’s Hombu Dojo in North Reading to train in Kata, specifically “Gekesai Dai Ichi”; which is a classic Goju-Ryu Kata, which Soke and I originally learned from our teacher, Professor Larry Garron.    Besides training, we had stripe promotions for Jameson, Sare, Rachel and Bryan, and we also celebrated Soke Paul’s 25 years in business with Cervizzi Martial Arts Academies. 

Grandmaster Lynn’s Outdoor Dojo during the

Summer of Covid 2020