In May 2022, due to exemplary attitude and dedicated training, student Craig was promoted to purple belt. Congratulations, Craig!

With the addition of our newest SHIHAN, Steve Taranto, we now have 3 SHIHAN’S in Bob Lynn’s Kenpo Karate: Shihan Chuck Thyne, Shihan Mary Callahan, and Shihan Steve Taranto.

Although I am a GrandMaster titled 10th Degree Black Belt, I have decided to be formally known as PROFESSOR Bob Lynn. This for 3 reasons:

#1: We have too many SHIHAN’S

#2: In honor and remembrance of PROFESSOR Nick Cerio

#3: In honor and remembrance of PROFESSOR Aiau Koa

Thank you In Kenpo,

Professor Bob Lynn, Jr., BS, Judan,
Bob Lynn’s Kenpo Karate

On March 20, 2022, students Rachel, Jameson, and Sare were tested in history, Kenpo applications, physical fitness, Kenpo basics, to intense fighting, and good ‘ol school KENPO. Subsequently, they were promoted to the rank of 3rd degree brown belt (Sankyu). Congratulations!

Pictured from L to R:
Professor Bobby Lynn, Shihan Steve, Soke Paul Cervizzi
Shihan Steve Taranto
Professor Bobby Lynn
Shihan Steve Taranto

On March 20, 2020, Renshi (polished teacher) Steve Taranto was tested and subsequently promoted to the rank of 5th degree blackbelt (Godan). Additionally, the following week, he was titled as Shihan (master teacher).

On March 6, 2022, Student Theo was tested and successfully ranked as purple belt. Student Bryan was also tested and he was successfully ranked as blue belt. Congratulations to both of them on all of their hard work!

On October 17, 2021, Emile Leduc was promoted to 3rd degree black belt in the art of American Kenpo Karate. Present for his test was Soke Paul Cervizzi, Shihan Daniel Taylor, Renshi Steve Taranto, and Grandmaster Bobby Lynn. Congratulations, Duke!

Grandmaster Ted Gambordella publishes a yearbook style booklet filled with grandmasters throughout the world. I was so fortunate to make Edition #35, May 2021.

On Sunday, May 23, Grandmaster Lynn tested Student Kerrie and was successfully ranked as yellow belt, and was witnessed by Renshi Taranto. Congratulations, Kerrie!

On Sunday, May 9th, Grandmaster Lynn tested students Theo and Sarah were successfully ranked as an orange belt, and was witnessed by Renshi Taranto. Congratulations kids!

On January 31, 2021, at CMAA / Hombu Dojo / North Reading, my BLKK students were tested and subsequently promoted to: PURPLE BELT:  Bryan GREEN BELT:  Jameson, Sare and Rachel. Conducting the test was: Soke Cervizzi, Grandmaster Lynn, Renshi Taranto, and special guest, Shihan Colleen Lemay.

Our BLKK Field trip to Soke Paul Cervizzi’s Hombu Dojo in North Reading to train in Kata, specifically “Gekesai Dai Ichi”; which is a classic Goju-Ryu Kata, which Soke and I originally learned from our teacher, Professor Larry Garron.    Besides training, we had stripe promotions for Jameson, Sare, Rachel and Bryan, and we also celebrated Soke Paul’s 25 years in business with Cervizzi Martial Arts Academies. 

Grandmaster Lynn’s Outdoor Dojo during the

Summer of Covid 2020